SVUF bjuder in alla medlemmar till årsmöte torsdagen den 24 maj kl 17 i Stockholm.
Under kvällen kommer Peter Dahler-Larsen att prata om sin kommande bok: ”Quality: From Plato to Performance”. Peter Dahler-Larsen introduces his next book, where he traces the different meanings of the term quality from ancient times until today. How can such an open concept be rhetorically useful and socially productive? What is the link between this very opaque concept on the one hand and concrete evaluative practices on the other? A key argument in his book is that a conventional understanding of the need to clarify concepts before things can be measured is made obsolete today because of the changing role of infrastructures and evaluation machines which in fact define quality for us. If this analysis is correct, what are the implications for evaluation and evaluators?

Peter Dahler-Larsen is professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, where he is the leader of CREME (Center for Research on Evaluation, Measurement, and Effects). He is the author of “The Evaluation Society” (Stanford University Press 2012).

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