The United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) hereby invites qualified companies/individuals to submit proposals for the following assignment:

Long-term Agreements to ensure economies of scale and increased efficiency for external evaluation services of UNESCO’s flagship publication: The Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM Report)

The GEM Report periodically commissions independent external evaluations of its programme and products, to determine how effectively it fulfils its mandate, and to inform decisions for the design of the next GEM Report strategy. To meet the demand for evaluation services in a responsive and timely manner, the GEM Report seeks to establish non-exclusive Long Term Agreements (LTA) with several organizations. The organizations must have the necessary operational and technical capabilities and demonstrate credibility, the required expertise, and relevant skill sets, knowledge and experience in applying evaluation methodologies and processes so that they can be called upon at short notice to design and undertake independent evaluations and strategic reviews.

The organizations will be required to conduct evaluation services and, in line with a specific request, rigorously collect and triangulate stakeholder perspectives, quantitative and qualitative data, to synthesize findings and conclusions and develop and validate recommendations. Following the entry into force of the Long Term Agreements currently planned for February/March 2023, specific service contracts with exact definition of timelines and deliverables, may be signed and placed under these frameworks. The evaluation services may also be used by other UNESCO divisions.

For more details please refer to the attached procurement notice